Garapa Wood Extreme Plugs

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Garapa Wood Extreme Plugs™

These wood plugs provide the great benefit of filling in screw holes that were not drilled completely round. Thanks to the precisely cut Tolerance Absorbing Rings, you can use the face screwing method with Garapa decking and still get a high-quality looking deck surface.

Our Garapa wood plugs are cut from face grain to best match the face of your Garapa wood deck. These plugs are not made from end grain on a dowel machine like some others on the market. Face grain plugs will give you the best looking deck!

How to install Extreme Plugs™

  1. Drill 1/8" screw hole
  2. Drill 3/8" deck plug hole
  3. Drive screw into 1/8" hole to fasten boards together
  4. Apply small amount of glue into hole
  5. Hammer in plug leaving a small part of plug just above the surface
  6. Let the glue dry
  7. Use 80 grit sand paper to sand plug until flush with surface

A DeckWise Drill and Drive kit makes countersinking and pre-drilling your screw holes much easier and faster.