Cumaru Wood Decking

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Home Exterior Wood Decking Cumaru Decking
Home Exterior Wood Decking Cumaru Decking

Resilient Decking For All Environments

Advantage Cumaru™ (pronounced ku-mah-roo) is an incredible, low-maintenance hardwood that offers a beautiful array of amber-red to golden-honey colors. Each board of premium-grade Cumaru is also naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. This exotic specie rivals Ipe in strength and is 3 times harder than Teak. With a lifespan of well over 50 years, you will enjoy your Cumaru deck for decades. With such strength and beauty—and up to a class A fire rating—an Cumaru deck is an investment that’ll increase your home’s value.

Cumaru Decking Specifications

Cumaru Hardness
Cumaru hardness
Cumaru Lifespan
Cumaru lifespan
Cumaru Bending Strength
Cumaru bending
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