5/4 x 6 Cumaru Wood Pregrooved Decking


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5/4x6 Cumaru Pregrooved

Net "Finished" Dimension: 1" x 5 1/2"

5/4 x 6 Cumaru is one of the toughest wood decking products available. When you add in the custom milled pre-grooved profile, you will own a spotless deck with upscale appeal.

5/4”x6” Cumaru pre-grooved decking is going to:

  • Provide an excellent and spotless decking surface
  • Resist mold, decay, and insects for great structural integrity
  • Highlights the woods' natural auburn and golden brown colors
  • Is 100% eco-friendly and LACEY act compliant
  • Lasts for 50+ years with very little maintenance
Buy pregrooved Cumaru decking from Advantage Lumber, LLC today.

Finished size = 1x5 1/2 (
25 mm x 140 mm)
Other common trade references include:
1"x5.5" / 1" x 5.5" / 1x5.5 / 25mm x 140mm