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TanDeck™ Marine Decking is a low-maintenance decking material that provides premium wood-like aesthetics with advanced durability. This resilient marine deck board is engineered for residential boat docks, marinas, piers, and light commercial applications. It is the ideal decking investment for waterfront properties and structures.

  • Minimum maintenance—Requires no waterproofing, staining or painting.
  • Quick install—No pre-drilling needed for fasteners. Work with Tangent® Plastic Marine Decking using traditional work tools.
  • Wood-Free—Exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splintering, warping and exposure to the harsh marine environment.
  • Strong and practical- 5/4×6 Tangent®’s plastic dock decking allows up to 16″ on-center spans and 2×6 up to 24″ to replace wood decking for residential and light commercial applications. Tangent® Marine Deck boards are embossed with a wood-like texture on both faces.
  • Woodgrain embossed finish on surface for aesthetics and slip-resistance.
  • Simple to clean—Just wash with mild, environmentally-friendly soap like Dawn and rinse with water.
  • 50-year limited product warranty.

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