Advantage Decking Benefits

decking benefits

Advantage Decking™

You Supply the View. We Supply the Wood.

Lifespan Scale

How Long Will My Deck Last?

How many years pass before you have to replace your deck? Lifespan charts are based on the proven performance of exotic hardwood decking, regardless of the environment.

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decking hardness

Hardness Scale

How Durable Will My Deck Be?

The ability to withstand foot traffic, falling objects, and pets will vary by wood specie. Teak decking has long been the benchmark for exotic outdoor decking, which all our decking species far exceed.

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decking bending

Bending Strength Scale

How Strong Will My Deck Be?

The ability of a single deck board to resist breakage when subjected to an external force that causes it to bend. Advantage Decking is hands down the strongest decking option.

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decking for all climates

Decking For All Climates

Will My Deck Last In My Area?

From the frozen tundra of Green Bay to the hot and humid air of Miami, every species of our decking is naturally primed for optimal performance. With their natural oils, cell structure, and tight grain, our hardwoods can handle decades of freeze/thaw cycles without any required maintenance.

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all natural


Will My Deck Be All-Natural?

Unlike chemically treated wood and composite decking, our decking does not require constant maintenance, sanding, or refinishing. The benefits you receive are all 100% natural.

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termite protection

Termite Protection

Will My Deck Be Safe From Insect Damage?

All of our decking options are naturally resistant to termites. The US Naval Laboratory determined it would take 15+ years for termites to bore through a buried piece of Ipe.

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mold and mildew repellent

Mold & Mildew Repellent

Will My Deck Attract Mold or Mildew?

The natural oils and density of our decking reduce the chance of both mold and fungal growth.

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flame resistance

Flame Spread Resistance

Will My Deck Resist Flame Spread?

All species of our decking have up to a class A rating for flame spread. Unlike softer woods and composites that melt or spread fire rapidly, the density of our hardwoods helps contain any exposed flame around its point of origin. This makes our decking a great option for homes in dry brush areas and other fire-prone regions.

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