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Ipe Decking
Brazilian Walnut
ipe decking

Appearance: An extremely dense, tight-grained wood. Generally a deep, rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues.
Hardness: 3680 lbs / 3x Harder than Teak
Bending Strength: 22,560 psi
Drying Method: Air Dried or Kiln Dried
Benefits: Ultra-low-maintenance. Highest rating for termite & decay resistance. Proven lifespan of 75+ years.

Cumaru Decking
Brazilian Teak
cumaru decking

Appearance: Color varies from a rich display of golden-tan to reddish-brown with dark grain accents throughout the wood.
Hardness: 3540 lbs / 8x Harder than Redwood
Bending Strength: 14,793 psi
Drying Method: Kiln Dried
Benefits: Extremely durable and naturally resistant to decay. Offers 50+ year lifespan.

Tigerwood Decking
Brazilian Koa
tigerwood decking

Appearance: Light golden-brown to reddish-brown with irregular black and brown streaks.
Hardness: 2170 lbs / 2x Harder than Cedar
Bending Strength: 19,285 psi
Drying Method: Kiln Dried
Benefits: Low-maintenance and naturally durable. Offers 30+ year lifespan.

Garapa Decking
Brazilian Ash
garapa decking

Appearance: A fine-grained timber with a light-yellow to warm-golden hue.
Hardness: 1210 lbs / 3x Harder than Redwood
Bending Strength: 12,900 psi
Drying Method: Kiln Dried
Benefits: Naturally resistant to rot, decay, and splinters without any chemical treatments. Offers 30+ year lifespan.

Massaranduba Decking
Brazilian Redwood
massaranduba decking

Appearance: Velvet-red to dark reddish-brown with straight grain. Anti-slip face with a smooth opposite side.
Hardness: 3190 lbs / 7.5x Harder than Redwood.
Bending Strength: 27,280 psi
Drying Method: Kiln Dried
Benefits: Excellent durability and low maintenance. Offers 30+ year lifespan.

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