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Thermally modified wood can be used in an array of commercial and residential applications. Popular applications are in external environments where moisture and humidity would compromise a lesser-grade material.

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Where Innovation Meets Beauty

Arbor Wood Co. produces thermally modified wood for a variety of outdoor and indoor applications including siding, decking, and dimensional lumber. Our process begins with a select grade of domestically grown and responsibly harvested timber which undergoes a thermal modification process using heat and steam. The result is a high-quality, performance-driven material which sustains the natural beauty and design element of wood all without the use of harsh chemicals.

Our process begins with a select grade of domestically grown and responsibly harvested wood. Then:

  1. Wood is hand-selected and graded for quality
  2. Kiln-dried to a consistend moisture content, nearly 0%, removing food sources for mold, rot, fungus, and insects
  3. High heat alters chemical makeup of the wood, darkening the color and making it water-resistant
  4. Cooled and steamed to a 4–6% moisture content, improving dimensional stability

Lasting Beauty and Lasting Impact

  • Solid and Stable. Expansion and contraction is reduced by up to 60%.
  • Decay-Resistant. Reduced water absorption makes it less susceptible to mold, rot, and fungal decay.
  • Ultimate Workability. Arbor Wood can be glued, painted, or finished like standard wood.
  • Enhanced Appearance. Richer tones extend throughout the entire thickness of each board.
  • Chemical-Free. The modification process uses nothing but heat and steam.
  • Lightweight. Reduced moisture content makes each board lighter, making for easier handling and installation.


Thermally Modified Wood can be used as a replacement for more expensive tropical hardwoods. It comes with several ecological benefits:

  • Renewable. Arbor Wood is manufactured from domestic trees sourced and harvested responsibly, grown in the USA.
  • Longer-Lasting. Microscopic changes have macro results, making the wood resistant to rot and decay.
  • Chemical-Free. No harmful substances, just heat and steam.
  • Carbon Storage. Real wood is a natural carbon sink, reducing carbon emissions compared to synthetic products like composite or PVC.

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