Acclimation & Installation

For proper installation of decking, please allow lumber to acclimate on site 1-2 weeks prior to installation.

Things To Avoid

Below is a list of common mistakes when acclimating your decking.

  • DO NOT  store decking directly on the ground or a concrete surface
  • DO NOT  store decking for more than 30 days without first consulting an sales rep
  • DO NOT  cover decking with a tarp or plastic sheet
  • DO NOT store decking in a garage or other enclosed area

Proper Acclimation

To give your decking project the best chance at success, here’s a list of things to remember.

  • DO elevate decking at least 12" off the ground using blocks of wood
  • DO separate layers of stacked decking with wood shims
  • DO cover decking with a sheet of plywood to shed water
  • DO ensure every face of every board receives adequate air flow


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