1 x 6 Cumaru Wood Pregrooved Decking


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1 x 6 Cumaru Pregrooved – Make Your Deck Flawless

Net "Finished" Dimension: 3/4" x 5 1/2"

You can have a deck just as beautiful and immaculate as the ones you see in upscale home magazines when you build with Cumaru pre-grooved decking. Each custom-milled pre-grooved deck board that you receive is always of the highest grade.

1x6 Cumaru pregrooved decking really gives you the biggest bang for your buck thanks to:
  • Long-term use with minimal maintenance
  • Exceptional durability in all seasons and climates
  • Its low cost plus a great rate-of-return
  • High strength provides great structural support
  • Trouble-free decking with rot, mold, and termite resistance
Buy Cumaru 1"x6" pregrooved decking today from Advantage Lumber, LLC

Finished size = 3/4x5 1/2 (
19 mm x 140 mm)
Other common trade references include:
.75"x5.5" / .75" x 5.5" / .75x5.5 / 19mm x 140mm