5/4 x 4 Tigerwood Rainscreen Siding


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5/4x4 Tigerwood Rainscreen Siding

Net "Finished" Dimension: .990" Thick 2-5/8" Face Siding

Discover the beauty that can only come from an all-natural hardwood. Our 5/4x4 Tigerwood Rainscreen Siding is proven to be an extremely durable wood and a perfect complement to any home with its brown to maroon colors.

Our 5/4 x 4 Tigerwood Rainscreen Siding will:
  • Provide a superior resistance to water intrusion to your home.
  • Have almost the same qualities as Ipe but at a much lower cost.
  • Give a smooth surface without the need of screws and plugs.
  • Last over 50 years and is highly resistant to mold, decay and termites.