1 x 6 +Plus® Teak Wood Decking (21mm x 6)


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1 x 6 Plus® Teak - Great Alternative to Ipe Wood

With two extra millimeters, a deck made with 1x6 Plus® Teak will be stronger, and just as attractive as one made with standard decking material. It's also a less expensive alternative to 5/4x6 material. Teak is a great alternative option to Ipe wood decking.

1 x 6 Plus® Teak decking offers you:
  • A more solid, extra stable surface
  • A better composite deck alternative
  • A surface that won't absorb heat like plastic decks
  • A low-maintenance decking material
  • A wonderful looking with reddish brown and golden hues
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Finished size = 83/100x5 1/2 (
21 mm x 140 mm)
Other common trade references include:
.83"x5.5" / .83" x 5.5" / .83x5.5 / 21mm x 140mm