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SKU: DTkC210601

1 x 6 +Plus Teak - Plantation Wood (Character Grade)

1 x 6 +Plus Teak - Plantation Wood (Character Grade)

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Decking & Siding Milling Setup Fees
Pregrooved $180.00
T&G, V-Groove, & Shiplap $250.00
Rainscreen & Anti-Slip $250.00

Samples & 1 foot boards are limited to 1 per order

1 x 6 Plus® Teak Character Grade Teak Wood

Character Grade may contain sapwood or knots.

With two extra millimeters, 1x6 Plus® Teak will be stronger, and just as attractive as standard material. It's also a less expensive alternative to 5/4x4 material.

1 x 6 Plus® Teak offers you:

  • A more solid, extra stable surface
  • A better composite alternative
  • A surface that won't absorb heat like plastic
  • A low-maintenance material
  • A wonderful looking with reddish brown and golden hues

Purchase Teak 1"x6" Plus® today from Advantage Lumber, LLC

Finished size = 83/100x5 1/2 (
21 mm x 140 mm)
Other common trade references include:
.83"x5.5" / .83" x 5.5" / .83x5.5 / 21mm x 140mm

Shipping Information

Please call 1.877.232.3915, e-mail or message us online. We will call you to verify your order and to make payment arrangements. We also have several other trucking companies that work with us at a 72% discount which we pass onto you. Orders can be shipped direct to your home or jobsite.  We can also hold orders at your local freight terminal for customer pickup. Small orders are shipped via UPS. We also ship to European and other foreign countries on container load basis. We ship anywhere in the world...please phone or email if you have shipping questions.
Check out our complete terms of sale for more info >

Acclimation & Installation

For proper installation of material, please allow lumber to acclimate on site 1-2 weeks prior to installation.
See more about acclimation/installation >

Care Instructions

Keep your wood looking great. Check out our how-to section to learn all about wood maintenance. how-to section >

Wood Decking Disclaimers

Random odd-length orders include odd length boards which are 5′–15′ long.

Standard random length orders include even & odd length boards which are 6′–18′ long.

Teak Random-length orders include boards which are 5′–8′ long.

Boards cut to specific lengths over 7′ will incur an additional upcharge:

  • $0.10 per lineal foot for 8′–14′ lengths
  • $0.80 per lineal foot for 15′–18′ lengths
  • $1.00 per lineal foot for 19′–20′ lengths
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