WiseBond™ WiseColor™ Mica Powder Colorant Variety Pack (50 - 5g)

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SKU: AWB-Variety-Powder.50pk Advantage Lumber

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50 pack variety pack

Colors included in the variety pack may include: Ahoy Blue, Black Graphite, Blue Eyes, Blue Umbrella, Brown Surprise, Carrot Gold, Chocolate Delight, Cloud White, Crimson Clay, Day Green, Dead Red, Deep Ocean, Divine Amethyst, Emerald Shine, Faded Jeans, Fools Gold, Glistening Waters, Green Leaf, Green Viper, Hot Copper, Just Purple, Lantern Light, Lava Shimmer, Lilac Spell, Major Black, Metallic Earth, Moonlight Night, Mystique Blue, Never More, Opalite White, Pewter Mug, Peak Reflections, Petal Pink, Plum Delicious, Poison Apple, Pretty Penny, Purple Deception, Purple People Eater, Purple Rain, Sakura Pink, Saphire Treasure, Siesta Sand, Sleeping Beauty, Steel Grey, Sunshine Daisies, Tiger Eye, Toasted Leather, White Dragon, White Fang, Yellow Submarine

***Limited-Time Special. No substitutions. If a color is not available, a color will be subbed in its place. It could be a new color or a duplicate.***