Titebond® Instant Bond Thin Wood Adhesive


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Titebond Instant Bond is a two-part bonding system that takes between 5 - 15 seconds to set and 30 - 60 seconds for initial cure. It provides a strong, permanent bond and is ideal for hard to reach joints or surface areas that are difficult to clamp. Designed primarily for wood and wood products, this adhesive is also very effective on a wide variety of materials and substrates. Titebond Instant Bond Thin viscosity product offers the fastest assembly time of 5 seconds and an initial cure speed of 3 seconds. It is ideal for repairing hair line cracks and small defects in wood, as well as repairing loose veneer edges. It can also be used as a finish. While Titebond Instant Bond Activator can be used to further reduce set times, it is not required for producing strong, tight-fitting joints.

Features & Benefits

  •     Fast set - Eliminates clamping or reduces clamp time
  •     Bonds stronger than wood
  •     Excellent heat and solvent-resistance
  •     Unaffected by finishes
  •     Versatile - Bonds wood, MDF, acrylic, granite, natural rubber, PVC and more
  •     2 year shelf life
  •     Triple distilled for purity & consistency
  •     Impact-resistant
  •     No-clog applicator for easy use and waste reduction
  •     MIL Spec (A46050C) Type II, Class 1

Application Guidelines

Application Temperature:
Above 50°F (10°C)
Cure Speed:
5 second handling, 3 second set, 30 second cure. *Full cure in 8 hours.
Service Temperature Range:
-65°F to 200° F
Use acetone. Follow solvent vendor’s precautions.
Titebond Instant Bond Thin Wood Adhesive is not intended for exterior use or where moisture is likely. Store in a cool, dry place. Handling and set times may be affected by environmental conditions. For best results, apply adhesive between 55°F and 85°F. KEEP FROM FREEZING.