Paint and Epoxy Mixer: Helix Easy Clean: 1 Gallon


SKU: AWB-MixRod.1G WiseBond

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This 1 Gal. Helix Paint and Epoxy Mixer provides a 1/4 in. hex shaft that will attach to most power drills. These specially designed blades to reach the bottom edges of the mixing container for fast, thorough mixing and cleans easily.


  • Fast mixing incorporating helix-like mixing action
  • Fits most 3/8 in. and larger power drills
  • Efficient blade shapes designed to reach bottom edges of container for effectively
  • Polypropylene mixer blades for durability
  • Mixing container will not be damaged by blades
  • Easy to clean with acetone or alcohol or let epoxy dry on blades
  • Ideal for 1 gal. or 2 gal. mixing buckets
  • Pour epoxy to be mixed in an enclosed area to avoid splatters on walls and clothing