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Ipe Oil® in general is still the perfect option for many species of hardwood decking and fencing for a luxurious semi-transparent hardwood finish. And now, the new Ipe Oil® Plus™ formula can deliver up to 15% longer-lasting results.

Ipe Oil™ PLUS Hardwood Deck Oil: 250 VOC Features:

  • Enhanced U.V. barrier protection up to 15% longer than our
    standard Ipe Oil® formula
  • Contains essential natural oils to feed and nurture hardwoods
  • Provides extraordinary penetration and is not a surface coating
  • Exceptional water repellency to shed water and not absorb it
  • Comes in eco-friendly 250 VOC and also 100 VOC formulas
  • A great investment for lavish natural hardwood beauty
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Low 250 g/l VOC Formula
SCAQMD (SoCal) 100 g/l VOC restrictions apply for LA-Eastern, LA-Western, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.