6/4 Bocote Lumber


SKU: HN-Boc0604 Advantage Lumber

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DESCRIPTION The heartwood is dull golden brown in color with variegated irregular markings and an attractive ray flecked figure on quarter sawn surfaces. It is straight grained, with a medium course texture.
Weight is around 34 lb. per sq. ft.
Central America (Mainly Mexico)
BOTANICAL NAME Cordia Alliodora
OTHER NAMES Salmwood, Princewood, Cyp, Solera, Canaletta, Louro
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Possesses medium strength properties in all categories and a good steam bending classification.
WORKING PROPERTIES Works easily with both hand and power tools, with a slight blunting effect on cutters. Can be finished smoothly and cleanly in most machining operations. Takes nails and screws well, glues, stains and polishes to a good finish.
DURABILITY Moderately durable, resistant to preservative treatment and the sapwood is permeable.
SEASONING Dries easily without degradation. There is medium movement in service.
USES Cabinets and furniture, decorative boxes, boat decking, vehicle bodies, light construction. Selected logs sliced for veneers suitable for paneling and furniture.
COMMENTS Primarily used in a decorative roll as costs prohibit use for construction of large pieces.