6/4 Angelim Pedra - #1 Bargain Grade Lumber


SKU: HN-AnPeNo1-0604 Advantage Lumber

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Common Name: Angelim Pedra, Angelim Vermelho

Botanical name: Hymenolobium petraeum

Indigenous To: Brazil, Guyana, Suriname
Janka Hardness: 3,160

Sometimes called “The Tree of Angels”, Angelim Pedra is commonly used in the construction industry throughout parts of South America where the tree is prevalent. It isn’t used as an ornamental. A very large tree with good woodworking capabilities, it has yet to break into the international trade in a large capacity thus far. Although it’s normally used in construction, with its natural beauty it’s only a matter of time before Angelim Pedra is used in more decorative fashions. Many confusions of the name are common. It has a cousin named Angelim Vermelho which many people commonly mistake as the same species. One major difference is when the wood is cut or machined, Angelim Vermelho has a very pungent odor. Pedra will pose no real difficulty to those with experience in the woodworking industry. The beautiful grain pattern, wonderful color, and immense sizes available make this wood slab a talking point any time people gather around the table.