5/4 Brazilian Cherry Lumber


SKU: HN-BrCh0504 Advantage Lumber

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DESCRIPTION Jatoba heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown marked with dark brown streaks. It has a golden luster. Grain is usually interlocked with a medium to coarse texture.
Weight is about 56lbs per cu .ft.

South America (Brazil)

BOTANICAL NAME Hymenaea oblongifolia
OTHER NAMES Brazilian Cherry, Jutaby, West Indian Locust, Copal, Guapinal
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Very strong, hard and tough. Has very good bending characteristics. High shock resistance.
WORKING PROPERTIES Moderately difficult to work due to to its high density. Moderate blunting effect on cutters. Nails poorly, but holds screws well. Glues and stains well, but does not take a high polish.
DURABILITY Moderately durable, but non-durable when a high proportion of sapwood is present. Very resistant to termites and extremely resistant to preservative treatment.
SEASONING Drying is rapid and difficult. Tendency for moderate surface checking, warping and case hardening. Slow drying is recommended. Small movement.
USES Furniture, cabinetmaking, joinery, turning, tool handles, sporting goods, flooring, wheel rims.
COMMENTS Second growth timber has wide sapwood of grayish-pink color and is sliced for decorative veneers.