4/4 Alder Lumber


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DESCRIPTION Alder wood is dull, light reddish-brown with darker lines or streaks formed by broad rays. Straight grained, with fine texture but without luster.
Weighs an average of 33 lbs cu. ft.
North America
BOTANICAL NAME Alnus Glutinosa
OTHER NAMES Aune (France), Eis (Netherlands, Erle (Germany), Hannoki (Japan)
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Moderate bending classification with low bending strength and resistance to shock loads. Very low stiffness but with medium crushing strength.
WORKING PROPERTIES It has a low cutting resistance and is easy to work if cutting edges are sharp. Slight blunting effect on cutters. Nails and screws satisfactorily, glues well, stains and polishes to a good finish.
DURABILITY Liable to attack by common furniture beetle. It is perishable, but permeable by preservative treatment.
SEASONING Dries fairly rapidly with little degradation and is stable in service.
USES Turning, broom and brush backs, hat blocks, rollers for textiles, toys, wooden clog shoes, small laminated items, utility plywood, veneers.
Highly sought after for it's ability to mimic other hardwoods such as Walnut and Cherry.
COMMENTS Gnarled pieces are used in Japan for decorative purposes.