1 x 4 Tigerwood T&G Decking


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1x4 Tigerwood Tongue & Groove – High Performance Decking & Striking Looks

Net "Finished" Dimension: 11/16" x 3"

When you first walk into a sunroom or covered patio made of 1x4 Tigerwood T&G, you’ll quickly realize just how amazing this exotic hardwood really is. Our custom milled T&G profile truly captures a sense of class and sophistication without sacrificing on durability.

Perfect for any covered indoor or outdoor area, our selection of tongue & grooved Tigerwood:

  • Inspires awe due to its luxurious appearance
  • Is more cost-effective than many hardwoods
  • Provides exceptional strength
  • Won’t break your back to install or the bank to purchase
  • Is a safer choice composite decking due to greater slip resistance
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Finished size = 11/16x3 (
17.5 mm x 76 mm)
Other common trade references include:
.6875"x3" / .6875" x 3" / .6875x3 / 17.5mm x 76mm