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Commerical + Industrial Performance Dock Board

TanDeck Performance Marine Dock Board is highly-durable, low-maintenance marine decking that has natural wood-like aesthetics. This resilient marine board is engineered for residential boat docks, marinas and light commercial applications. Ideal for piers, waterfront properties and structures, it allows you to enjoy your investment without spending your free time maintaining it.

What is the difference between TanDeck, Composites and PVC Decking?
Composites are made from a mix of plastic and wood flour, which can absorb moisture. PVC decking is not as tough as high density polyethylene (HDPE) and is limited to 16” spans. TanDeck is made from a blend of extremely tough recycled HDPE, strengthening agents, UV inhibitors and anti-static additives. It is excellent at absorbing impacts and has no wood or organic fibers that would make it susceptible to moisture that causes swelling, warping or splintering.