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1x vs 5/4 Rainscreen Siding

1x vs 5/4 rainscreen siding

1x Rainscreen Installation

1x rainscreen installation

What’s most notable about the DeckWise® 1x Hardwood Rainscreen Fastening System is that, we have omitted the need for cumbersome starter clips or starter rails. The design of our rainscreen fastener and easiness of installation fashions the fastener clip to act as a starter clip. This means no more fumbling for multiple clip shapes and sizes. It couldn’t be simpler to install hardwood rainscreen siding.

Hanging vertical hardwood rainscreen siding for new builds, remodeling, and re-siding projects will give you peace of mind and no worries of loose boards for years to come.

The DeckWise® extruded aluminum siding fastener comes with 3 predrilled holes for easy mounting and weep valleys for water drainage ensuring joints stay dry. The wide mounting flange also provides a sturdy base to ensure that hardwood siding/cladding is properly seated. Stainless-steel screws used for installation work together with the aluminum siding fastener to stave off any possible corrosion or galvanic action.

The unique design of the DeckWise® 1x rainscreen siding clip makes it a cost-effective system for installing Advantage hardwood rainscreen profiled siding such as Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa, and any of our other species of hardwood.

1x Rainscreen Siding Fasteners

1x rainscreen fasteners
Install 1x Rainscreen Siding easily with DeckWise® 1x Hidden Siding Fasteners

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