WiseCable™ Legacy Series Cable Railing


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Use the WiseCable® Legacy WC-LS Series for any type of wood post as an inside to inside fitting on a straight run. The tensioning device is an adjustable body with hanger bolt which is a factory swaged, tensioning, face-of-the-post-mounted fitting. A push lock with threaded eye attaches the same way to the other end.

The lag thread of the hanger bolt portion of the fitting is driven into a pre-drilled hole in the wood end post. The cable is retained within the body portion of the fitting by a ferrule swaged onto the end of the cable. The lock nut is installed all the way onto the hanger bolt first, followed by the body, which is secured onto the hanger bolt, creating tension on the cable. Once sufficient tension is achieved, the lock nut is secured against the end of the body to prevent the fitting from loosening.

Tools needed for WiseCable® Legacy WC-LS Series on level straight runs:

  • 5/32 drill bit if 1/8” cable, 7/32 if 3/16”
  • 9/32 drill bit for lag eye installation
  • 7/16 wrench for tensioning adjustable body
  • 5/32 hex wrench to tighten mounting screws
  • Cable cutting tool
  • If using post protector tubes, 1/4 drill bit