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Advantage Lumber

SKU: Turning Bundle Premium

Premium Turning Pack

Premium Turning Pack

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Australian Beefwood 2x6x6
Bilwara 3x8x8
Padauk 3x3x12
Padauk 3x6x6
Padauk 3x8x8
Katalox 2x2x12
Marblewood 3x10x10
Bubinga 3x6x6
Bubinga 3x8x8
Chechen 2x2x12
Chechen 3x3x12
Indian Rosewood 2x10x10
Indian Rosewood 2x8x8
Indian Rosewood 2x6x6
Katalox 1.5x1.5x12
Purpleheart 4x12x12
Purpleheart 3x3x12
Brazilian Cherry 1.5x1.5x12
Bubinga 3x3x12

Items listed above are subject to availability and may be substituted with a product of equal or greater value.

Shipping Information

Please call 1.877.232.3915, e-mail or message us online. We will call you to verify your order and to make payment arrangements. We also have several other trucking companies that work with us at a 72% discount which we pass onto you. Orders can be shipped direct to your home or jobsite.  We can also hold orders at your local freight terminal for customer pickup. Small orders are shipped via UPS. We also ship to European and other foreign countries on container load basis. We ship anywhere in the world...please phone or email if you have shipping questions.
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Advantage Seal Of Approval™

Every order shipped from our state-of-the-art lumber mills is of the up most quality. Our Seal of Approval is a symbol of quality and commitment to excellence. Each order is double checked for quality before the shipment can leave any of our facilities.

Our Seal Of Approval certifies that the product that is being shipped meets all of our quality standards. So you can order with confidence and know 100% that you will receive a quality product that far exceeds your expectations.