Ipe Wood Decking Bundle Special 1x6 Pregrooved 7'-11'

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Ipe wood decking is proven to last up to 75 years or more. Ipe is naturally resistant to rot and is over 8 times harder than traditional redwood. Ipe decking is responsibly harvested from managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource. For added peace of mind, Ipe also features up to a class A rating for flame spread, making it a great option for homes in dry brush areas, rooftops, and other fire-prone areas.


Item Regular Price Discounted Bundle Price
500 ln ft
1x6 Pregrooved Ipe Decking 7'-11' $1,965.00
175 Pack Ipe Clip® Extreme™ Hidden Deck Fasteners - Short (Black)
1 Qt. Ipe Seal $22.00
1 Gallon Ipe Oil® 60.90

$2,404.90 $2,164.41

500 lineal feet is equal to 229 square feet