5/4 x 6 Red Balau Wood Pregrooved Decking Sample


SKU: DRB5406PG-Sample Advantage Lumber

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5/4 x 6 Red Balau Pregrooved

Net "Finished" Dimension: 1" x 5 1/2"

5/4x6 pregrooved Red Balau decking provides you decades of enjoyment with many benefits:
  • Upscale premium grade wood at lower than expected prices
  • A higher return on investment compared to plastic decking
  • Very low maintenance
  • Trouble-free surface with no nail or screw pop ups or cupping
  • Highly safe material without slivers, knots, or fear of termite damage
Build your deck with pregrooved 5/4"x6" Red Balau today from Advantage Trim & Lumber Co. Inc.

Finished size = 1x5 1/2 (
25 mm x 140 mm)
Other common trade references include:
1"x5.5" / 1" x 5.5" / 1x5.5 / 25mm x 140mm