4/4 Persimmon Lumber


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DESCRIPTION Persimmon lumber typically includes very wide sapwood, with a small core of black heartwood. When freshly cut, sapwood is creamy white and darkens to a creamy grayish brown. The heartwood is brown to black, or variegated black brown and creamy pale colors. Persimmon is a true ebony related to the prestigious Macassar and African black ebony. We have our persimmon sorted into two categories a "black heart" and regular persimmon. The black heart persimmon has a large portion of heartwood displaying awesome contrast similar to the south east Asian black and white ebony.

North America

BOTANICAL NAME Diospyros virginiana
OTHER NAMES American ebony, Common persimmon, Bara-bara, Boa-wood, Butterwood, Cylil date plum, Possum wood, Virginia date palm, White ebony
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Persimmon lumber is extremely hard, dense, & resistant to wear. It is elastic enough to be used for golf clubs. High crushing and bending strength with medium stiffness.
WORKING PROPERTIES Persimmon wood can be turned with sharp hand tools. Has a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. A smooth finish can be obtained with a reduced cutting angle when machine planing. Pre-boring is required for both screwing and nailing. Gluing can be difficult.
USES Persimmon wood uses include golf clubs, drum sticks, musical instruments, tool handles, turnery, flooring, furniture, and veneers.