4/4 Butternut - #1 Lumber


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DESCRIPTION Butternut heartwood is medium brown and resembles American Walnut, it's just not as dark. It is straight grained and coarse, but with a soft texture.
Weight is around 28lbs per cu. ft.
North America
OTHER NAMES White Walnut
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Low bending classification and generally lower in all strength properties than Black Walnut.
WORKING PROPERTIES Easily worked with hand and power tools. Little dulling effect, but cutters must be kept sharp due to soft nature of the wood. Nails, screws, glues and stains well. Can be brought to an excellent finish.
DURABILITY Non-durable and susceptible to attack by common furniture beetle. Heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment. Sapwood is permeable.
SEASONING Butternut wood dries slowly with little degradation. Medium movement.
USES High-class and utility joinery, interior trim, cabinet fitments, furniture, boxes, crates, veneer, paneling.
COMMENTS Excellent carving wood. Used as a substitute for Black Walnut.