8/4 Rustic Mill Run Walnut

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SKU: HN-WalMil0804 Advantage Lumber

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mill run walnut

Sold per Board Foot

**Lumber will arrive rough sawn. Picture shown with the lumber surfaced to show how the wood will look once it is surfaced.**

Rustic mill-run” lumber is appropriately named; it comes straight from the mill without any sorting or grading. It may contain defects such as knots, sapwood, and cracks, which have to be cut out in order to use the lumber in your project. As such, when planning a project with mill-run lumber, you should account for a 10–15% waste factor to make sure you have enough material to complete your project.

**Lumber details**
1-50 bd ft lumber orders are 4'-7' long & 3"-8" wide
50+ bd ft lumber packs are 4'-10' long & 3" and wider