WiseCable™ Heritage Series Cable Railing


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The WiseCable® Heritage WC-HS Series is a budget-friendly cable railing kit for any type of wood post as an outside to outside fitting on a straight level run or on a pitch or stairs. The tensioning device is a 2-7/8” long threaded stud which installs on the back side of one end post. A pull lock fitting is installed through the other end.

This through-the-post configuration is the only scenario in which the economical threaded stud kits may be used. These threaded stud kits are more economical than the WiseCable® Estate WC-ES Series, but the threaded studs are a basic, functional fitting, not a hide-in-the-post solution. A brass hex nut and some metal thread will extend beyond the back of the post on one end. (Brass hex nut end cap sold separately.)

Use the WiseCable® Heritage WC-HS Series for decks with dedicated end posts for each run where the posts are situated such that, the back sides of the posts are all accessible. Meaning you can use a through-the-post configuration. This is both the most economical solution and where the fittings are least visible.

When taking the WiseCable® Heritage WC-HS Series cable railing through a corner, do not bend the cable past 45⁰ at any one time. If turning 90⁰, a 2-step turn using a double corner post configuration is required as illustrated in the corner post instructions (view here).

Tools needed for WiseCable® Heritage WC-HS Series on level straight runs:

  • 5/32 drill bit
  • 9/32 drill bit for threaded stud installation
  • 29/64 drill bit for pull lock installation
  • 7/32 wrench for holding the stud
  • 7/16 wrench for tightening jam nuts
  • Cable cutting tool
  • If using post protector tubes, 1/4 drill bit