8/4 Lacewood Lumber


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DESCRIPTION Color is pink to reddish brown, and is highly figured with a distinct small lacelike pattern. Grain is straight with a fine to medium texture.
Weight is about 39lbs per cu. ft.
South America (Brazil)
BOTANICAL NAME Roopola Brasillensis
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Medium strength in most categories. Low stiffness makes it an excellent steam bending wood.
WORKING PROPERTIES Works well with hand and machine tools, but there is moderate blunting effect on cutters and a tendency to bind in saws. Glues well, stains and polishes, with care, to an excellent finish.
DURABILITY Perishable. The sapwood is liable to attack by common furniture beetle, but is permeable for preservative treatment.
SEASONING Dries rapidly without much splitting but has a tendency to distort. There is small movement in service.
USES Furniture, cabinetmaking, joinery, light construction, paneling, ornamental inlay, decorative uses. Excellent for turning fancy goods.
COMMENTS European lacewood is known as "plane" and is related to the American sycamore (platanus occidentalis).