8/4 Cocobolo Lumber


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Variegated tones of red and orange with darker contrasting grain lines. Grain often swirly and tight.

Weight approx. 65 lbs per cu ft
Lumber usually consists of boards ranging from 3"-7" wide and 2'-6' long


Cococbolo grows from the Sierra Madres in western Mexico and throughout Central America.

BOTANICAL NAME Dalbergia Retusa
OTHER NAMES Granadillo, Cocoboloa, Tampiceron (Mexico), Rosewood
  • Tree flowers January to May and again August – September
  • Cross pollination crucial
  • Trees usually grow very far apart because of the necessity of cross pollination
  • Fire aids in germination
  • Grows mostly in dry tropical highlands
  • Height up to 80’
  • Diameter up to 40”
  • Larger diameter trees often hollow heart
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES High mechanical strength in all categories. Can be brittle.
  • Cocobolo machines well with sharp tools
  • Blunting effect on cutting edges, tools must be kept sharp
  • The oily texture can be brought to a sheen without finish
  • Use wax finish for best results
  • Very difficult to glue, wipe joint surfaces with acetone or denatured alcohol to draw out the oils, then use epoxy for best adherement.
DURABILITY Very durable
SEASONING Dries very slowly with tendency to end split and surface check. Surface more prevalent in thicker material. Very minimal shrinkage and distortion.
  • High end turnings
  • High end furniture
  • Knife handles
  • Tool handles
  • Executive pens
  • Game call
  • Jewelry boxes
  • pool cues

Also a perfect wood for unique, exotic looking hardwood flooring.

COMMENTS Cocobolo is listed on CITES appendix II and has strict trade regulations. Cocobolo dust can be an irritant.