5/4 Andiroba Lumber


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Andiroba is a light red mahogany color that darkens when dry and features a straight to interlocked grain with some ripple. The wood has a medium to low density.

BOTANICAL NAME Carapa guianensis
OTHER NAMES crabwood, royal mahogany, krappa, figueroa, carapote, carapa, camacari, masabalo
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES The wood has medium bending and crushing strength and low stiffness.
WORKING PROPERTIES It can be worked with moderate ease with both hand and machine tools. Pre-boring is necessary for nailing and it glues well.
DURABILITY Moderately durable and resistant to preservation treatment
SEASONING Slow drying rates are recommended, and a low temperature, high humidity schedule is suggested for best results. The timber is reported to be more difficult to dry than Honduras mahogany.
USES Boat decks, furniture, cabinetwork, veneer, flooring, interior construction, cabinetry, and stair works.