4/4 Peruvian Walnut Lumber


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DESCRIPTION Peruvian Walnut is dark brown with blackish streaks. Grain is straight to wavy. Texture is coarse.
Weight averages about 40lbs per cu. ft.
South America (Peru)
BOTANICAL NAME Juglans Neotropica
OTHER NAMES South American Walnut, Nogal
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Medium bending strength and resistance to shock loads. High crush strength and low stiffness. Very good steam bending characteristics. A compact, elastic wood with good strength properties.
WORKING PROPERTIES Works easily with hand and power tools. Joints hold perfectly. Nails and screws easily. Moderate blunting effect on cutters, but the finish is clean. Polishes to a very good finish.
DURABILITY Moderately durable. Sapwood is susceptible to attack by powder post beetle and common furniture beetle. Heartwood is resistant to preservative treatment and biodegradation. Sapwood is permeable.
SEASONING Dries well, but should be dried slowly to avoid twisting. Medium movement.
USES High-class furniture and cabinetmaking, musical instruments, turning, carving, sporting goods, decorative veneer, plywood facing, marquetry.
COMMENTS Due to its shock resistance and elasticity, it is a good choice for rifle stocks.