4/4 Makore Lumber


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DESCRIPTION Makore heartwood varies from pinkish-red to blood red and red-brown. Grain is usually straight, but many logs have a decorative moire pattern, or mottled, or even dark streaks. It's texture is uniform and fine. The wood is lustrous.
Weight is about 39lbs per cu. ft.
BOTANICAL NAME Tieghemella Heckelii
OTHER NAMES Agamokwe, African Cherry, Baku, Douka, Dumori
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Medium bending and crushing strength. Low stiffness and resistance to shock. Heartwood is suitable for moderate steam bending, however sapwood will buckle.
WORKING PROPERTIES Severe blunting of cutters due to silica content. Below 20% moisture content, carbide saw blades are required. Tends to split in nailing, but holds screws well. Glues and stains satisfactorily. Excellent finish is obtained if filler is used.
DURABILITY Very durable. Sapwood is susceptible to attack by powder post beetle. Heartwood is extremely resistant to preservative treatment, sapwood is moderately resistant.
SEASONING Dries rapidly, but tends to twist or split around knots, otherwise little degradation. Small movement.
USES Furniture, cabinetwork, turning, high-class joinery, interior fittings, lab benches, marine plywood, decorative veneers.
COMMENTS Liable to blue stain if in contact with iron compounds in moist conditions.