2 x 8 Tigerwood Lumber


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2 x 8 Tigerwood - Ideal Wood for Arbors, Pergolas, & More

Net "Finished" Dimension: 1 1/2" x 7 1/4"

Tigerwood 2x8 is the perfect material to build a pergola, gazebo, or deck with. This is why Tigerwood is the number one choice when style and durability is high on an outdoor project "must-have" list.

2x8 Tigerwood is the perfect material for your deck, arbor, or pergola and provides the following benefits:
  • Long-lasting strength in any climate or temperature
  • Extraordinary capacity to repel termites, decay, & mold
  • No maintenance necessary for over 25 years
  • Superior density levels produce rigid support structures
  • Affordable compared to low-cost & high maintenance materials
Tigerwood 2"x8" is affordable at Advantage Trim & Lumber Co., Inc.

Finished size = 1 1/2x7 1/4 (38 mm x 185 mm)
Other common trade references include:
1.5"x7.25" / 1.5" x 7.25" / 1.5x7.25 / 38mm x 185mm