1 x 6 Cumaru Wood Decking


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1 x 6 Cumaru — Elite Strength & Striking Looks for Your Deck

Net "Finished" Dimension: 3/4" x 5 1/2"

There are many reasons why like-minded people decide to build with Cumaru decking. Sure, it's feature-packed and is one of the strongest hardwood decking options available. Ultimately, it's about the reputation that this exotic hardwood has around the world as a long-lasting, cost-effective, and beautiful decking choice.

Building with 1x6 Cumaru decking ensures that your finished deck will be:
  • Stronger than nearly every other species of decking
  • Long-lasting due to resilience to rot, decay, and insects
  • Made of sustainable wood for a true eco-friendly deck
  • Safe for kids thanks to high skid & scratch resistance
  • Inexpensive compared to composites
  • Easy to maintain unlike other high maintenance materials
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Finished size = 3/4x5 1/2 (
19 mm x 140 mm)
Other common trade references include:
.75"x5.5" / .75" x 5.5" / .75x5.5 / 19mm x 140mm