1 x 6 +Plus® XW™ Cumaru Wood V-Groove Sample


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Cumaru V Groove 1 x 6 Plus® XW™ - Exceptional Stability for Your Deck Porch

Net "Finished" Dimension: .75" X 5.2"

Building a covered deck porch, sunroom, or patio that is structurally sound and also visually appealing is easy when you choose the exclusive line of Cumaru V Groove 1 x 6 Plus® XW™.

Versatile v-groove profile can be used for ceiling and siding applications.

Each board of 1x6 Plus® XW™ Cumaru V Groove will be:

  • More stable and long-lasting compared to other woods
  • Able to resist cupping better than a regular 1x6 & 1x4 boards
  • Less expensive to build than 5/4x6 with just as much stability
  • Low maintenance for 50 plus years
  • Very affordable and a great investment in the short & long term
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Finished size = 3/4x5.2 (
19 mm x 132 mm)
Other common trade references include:
.75"x5.2" / .75" x 5.2" / .75x5.2 / 19mm x 132mm